Jackie: A community manager whose parents love this community

Jan. 24, 2020

Jackie is the daughter of two Grove residents, Betje and Pieter, and she is very happy to see them enjoy their time here. And she knows what community is all about.

Jackie is a Community Manager at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), responsible for the bank’s community relationships with much of the Upper Ottawa Valley, from Arnprior to Petawawa.

Born and raised in the Arnprior area, and a current resident of Kinburn, Jackie is able to visit her parents daily. As a former student of Arnprior & District High School, she also knows many of the staff and residents.

“I love Arnprior,” she says. “And people I went to school with, work here.”

Jackie’s parents weren’t always able to be together at the Grove. But through a special Spousal Reunification Program, they are now both able to spend their days together in this special community.

“They stay with each other all day,” Jackie adds, warmly. “Dad pushes mom around in her wheelchair, and they enjoy the company.”

Jackie is more than family to the Grove. As a member of the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation Board of Directors, she is deeply involved in fundraising efforts for The Grove’s expansion.

“As a Community Manager, I know how important it is to be part of something,” she adds. “And personally, I just like to volunteer.”

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