1. What is the goal of the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation Capital Campaign?

This $5 million campaign has been launched to support the redevelopment of The Grove Nursing Home and to help purchase new medical equipment and technology for the hospital and The Grove.

2. Is it necessary to redevelop The Grove?

The Grove redevelopment is necessary because The Grove’s licences, which expire in 2025, will not be renewed if the facility is not brought up to the new Ministry of Health and Long Term-Care Nursing Home design standards.  
3. Why build a new Grove? Why not just repurpose the old one?

The comprehensive analysis undertaken concluded: (1) If the current facility were renovated to meet today’s design standards, it could only accommodate 36 residents, as opposed to the 60 residents it currently accommodates. (2) Renovating and adding on to the current building (to bring the total to 96 beds) would cost more than building an entirely new facility.

4. Why not use long-term facilities in other communities?

This is a highly impractical solution, as the closest long-term care nursing homes are located far from Arnprior (in Almonte and Renfrew). This isolates elderly residents from their loved ones and puts undue pressure on busy families who must travel long distances in order to visit.

5. What did we hear from our community?

Seniors in the Greater Arnprior Region expressed three main concerns: (1) they want to live in a safe and secure environment close to their friends and family; (2) they want to be socially engaged in our community; and (3) they want to be treated with respect and dignity.  The new Grove satisfies all three concerns.

6. What will happen to the existing Grove facility?

The current Grove structure will be repurposed for something quite special — a Seniors’ Village, an innovative concept that offers an array of supportive services and programs for all seniors and the community at large.  The Seniors’ Village will be a Phase Two capital campaign.  Phase Two will only be commenced following the completion of the new Grove.

7. Is the provincial government contributing to the cost of construction? How is the cost broken down?

Yes, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOLTC) is providing $17 million in funding towards the $27.4 million construction costs. The remainder of this project will be funded in part by this campaign ($4m), operational revenues ($2.4m), and through cost savings ($4m) without compromising patient care.

8. When will construction on the new Grove begin?

Plans call for construction to build the new and expanded Grove to begin in the Fall of 2018.

9. Why must we raise money for hospital medical equipment?

An additional $1m is needed to help purchase new medical equipment and technology for the hospital and The Grove. In Ontario, a hospital’s medical equipment expenditures are exclusively — 100 per cent — funded by its community. The province funds only the hospital’s operating costs, such as supplies and staffing. The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation must continue to raise funds for this purpose in addition to the redevelopment campaign.

10. Who can contribute to the Campaign?

The campaign seeks the support of those with a vested interest in long-term care and healthcare in the greater Arnprior area; namely individuals, families, businesses, financial institutions, charitable foundations, service clubs, the general community, and members of the Arnprior Regional Health family, including medical staff, board members, employees and volunteers.

11. Why should I consider a five-year pledge?

Extending a gift over a five-year period allows you to make a contribution to the campaign at a comfortable level of giving while ensuring that we have the funds in place to make each phase of the project happen on schedule.

12. Will my gift qualify as a charitable donation for income tax purposes?

Yes. All donors of gifts over $20 will be issued an official tax receipt, which can be used when completing income tax returns.

13. Can I gift securities to the campaign?

Yes. Gifts of Securities include publicly-traded securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) and private company shares.

14. How much of my gift goes directly to the project?

100% of your gift goes directly to the campaign. Other costs associated with the campaign are being covered through a separately funded budget.

15. I work for a local company - what can my company do to help?

Payroll deduction is an excellent way to support the campaign, enabling you to make a larger gift over time. These donations qualify for a tax receipt. You may also wish to host a fundraising event at your place of work. Please contact the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation, as they can advise you on ideas.

16. How will funds be raised in the community?

Charitable donations will be secured from companies, foundations, service clubs and individuals through face-to-face meetings or fundraising events.

17. Why does my gift matter?

Every gift counts, because you are making a critical investment in the future of our community while ensuring that area seniors will have the long-term care they need close to home.

18. Will you acknowledge my gift?

The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation (ARHF) is offering a number of dedicated naming opportunities at various giving levels to acknowledge major commitments made to the campaign.

19. And if I prefer to give anonymously?

We will, of course, honour your wishes. Named gifts, however, encourage others to contribute generously to the campaign as well. All gifts are tax deductible.