Case Statement

Arnprior Regional Health Foundation (ARHF): Keeping Quality Health Care Close to Home

A Capital Campaign Case, supporting a New and Expanded Nursing Home and Hospital Equipment

Case Statement Table of Contents:

A Proud History of Health Care Close to Home
About The Grove Nursing Home
Our Challenges
Responding to Our Need
The Grove - Reimagined!
Why Redevelopment is Necessary
Quality Acute Patient Care Close to Home: Equipment
Our Campaign
For Our Seniors, For Our Communities
Appendix 1: Sources/Further Reading
Appendix 2: A Seniors' Village for Arnprior

Case for Support cover

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Isolated seniors are at a greater risk for mental and physical decline, but we have a wonderful and simple remedy for isolation and loneliness — family close by. More long-term care beds in our community will mean that more families can drop in to visit their loved ones more frequently. Keeping the family unit together is critical to the wellbeing and the mental health of everyone involved — and that’s good for the entire community.

 Dr. Jennifer Becker, an Arnprior family physician